Big Muff V3                                                                             Rent: $10/day-$40/week 




Big Muff V3


THE V3 SOUND - As with the V1 and V2 Big Muffs, the bass, treble, gain, and fuzziness of the tone varies slightly from unit to unit due to varying circuit component types and values used in day to day production, although V3 Muffs are much more consitent than previous versions. The V3 tones were similar to the later V2 tones, since they were essentially the same pedal with a graphics change. Some examples I have owned are bit bassier and less smooth than the V2 Muffs, but most V3 models have even more sustain and aggressiveness than typical V2 Muffs. The examples of V3s I have played that included the tone bypass switch were very agressive and fuzzy in normal mode.




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Rent: $10/day-$40/week                                                                             call: 206 860 5185 

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