Big Muff Ram's Head 1973                                                      Rent: $10/day-$40/week 



Big Muff Ram's Head 1973


THE RAM'S HEAD SOUND - It should be clearly stated that there is no 'one' Ram's Head Big Muff tone. Basically the V2 is just a new box for the V1. As with the V1 Big Muffs, the bass, treble, gain, and fuzziness of the tone varies slightly from unit to unit, sometimes wildy, due to constantly changing the schematic to work with component supply. I am describing some typical attributes here, based on dozens of examples I have played or own. The mids were very scooped, as in flat or removed, giving them a nice, dark sound. The tone is usually large and aggressive with a scooped grit, though some are more smooth sounding. On many later examples the sustain seems to be less than most V1 Triangle Big Muffs I have played. Some have slightly less clarity for leads, and can be difficult to palm mute through certain amps. The "violet" version would be an exception, as that one has a smooth clarity for leads and chords, and typically less bottom end. Some V2 Big Muffs will sound identical to some V1 Big Muffs. There is more of a mids scoop on most late model V2s that I have played versus the V1 Muffs, and a tighter bottom end. That bottom end creates a huge, thunderous sound through a tube amp. The scooped tone makes them easy to get lost in a band mix when playing live with certain amps. Listen to the Animals and The Wall era Pink Floyd albums for examples of solo tones using this pedal, and listen to Dinosaur Jr. for examples of the raw lead tone and wall-of-sound use of this pedal.


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Rent: $10/day-$40/week                                                                             call: 206 860 5185 

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