AKG C451 B (two available)                                                     Rent: $15/day-$60/week 








Re-creation of C12 capsule; transformerless output stage; four polar patterns; slight

high-frequency emphasis above 4 kHz.


The C451 B is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone with the identical acoustical behavior of its predecessor, the legendary C451 EB + CK1 capsule, which was a bestseller right from the start in 1969.


With its airy sound, high overload limit and improved engineering details, the C451 B continues the success story of this legend. The roadworthy design around the handcrafted capsule and the low-noise preamp electronics ensure impressive results even under very harsh conditions.



Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Overheads, Strings


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Rent: $15/day-$60/week

call: 206 860 5185

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