MXR Phase 100 vintage original                                   Rent: $10/day-$40/week 









MXR Phase 100 vintage original


This big brother of the Phase 90 offers a broader range of sounds in a larger unit. Along with the speed control there is a four-position rotary switch that selects four different intensities, defined as preset waveform patterns. Between the intensity and speed settings, you will find quite a supply of excellent sounds tucked away in this orange casing. Power: Single 9-volt battery or Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter - Controls: Footswitch toggles effect on/bypass (red LED indicates on) Intensity knob selects one of four preset phase waveforms Speed knob varies rate of phase sweep


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Rent: $10/day-$40/week                                                                                call: 206 860 5185 

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