Vox AC30 vintage                                                                                             Rent: $50/day-$200/week 





The AC30TB and AC-30TBR "Vintage" Series were the last models produced by the Rose Morris ownership of Vox. These amps were available in either black or fawn vinyl. Both combos and separate head/cabinets configurations were produced.


A "Collector" Edition of the AC-30TB even featured an oiled solid mahogany cabinet.


Rose Morris was a music store/manufacturing conglomerate based in London. Rose Morris purchased Vox from the previous owner, Dallas Arbiter, in about 1979. Vox was sold to Korg by RM in 1993.


The AC30TBR models were based on the circuitry and design used in the 1990 Rose Morris Vox "Limited Edition" models. Only 500 of these limited edition amps were produced, each receiving a numbered "Limited Edition" placard. The surprising success of the "Limited Edition" amps soon led to a more "unlimited" production of basically the same amp, less the limited editon placard.


Like the original AC-30 amps produced by Vox in the 1960s, this amp has three channels, Normal, Top Boost, and Vib/Trem. A reverb circuit utilizing an Accutronics two spring reverb pan was offered as an option in this amp series. The amp pictured at left features this reverb circuit.


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Rent: $50/day-$200/week                                                                                           call: 206 860 5185 

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