Yamaha Subkick                                                                 Rent: $25/day-$100/week 

6 1/2' Woofer Microphone 





Yamaha Drum artist Russ Miller had the idea of taking old studio technology and packaging it in a unit that can be used in the studio or on the road. The SKRM-100 Subkick is a low-frequency capture device that picks up the low frequencies (100Hz-2000Hz) that a normal microphone can't. When used in conjunction with a normal internal microphone (for the attack), your kick drum has a jaw-dropping bottom end like you've never heard before.


6.5" Speaker/Diaphragm


We took a 6.5" speaker and shock-mounted it into a 10" drum shell and reverse-wired it to an XLR jack to convert the speaker diaphragm into a microphone diaphragm. This allows Subkick to pick up the low-end that a normal microphone can't.

10" x 5" Birch/Mahogany Shell


Kick Drum, Floor Toms, Djembe, Bass Cabs, Piano,


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Rent: $25/day-$100/week                                                                        call: 206 860 5185 

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