Voodooh Lab Sparkle Drive                                                          Rent: $10/day-$40/week 





Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive is an overdrive pedal featuring a unique “clean” control. Its overdrive circuit provides the same tone as a vintage ‘808. Then the clean control blends back in a boosted direct signal. This restores the attack and feel which is lost in a highly compressed overdrive circuit.


The Sparkle Drive utilizes the same concept as layering two amps, one clean and the other saturated. Of course with the clean control turned down, you get a classic overdrive tone. All the way up, it provides a super transparent, 100% clean boost.


And just like every Voodoo Lab pedal effect, the Sparkle Drive features true bypass switching, a heavy duty metal switch and on/off status LED.



Sparkle Drive features:

Multiple, layered amp sounds - one clean, one overdriven

Overdrive circuit delivers vintage 808 sounds

100% clean boost circuit with tons of output

True bypass switching with LED

Hand built in the U.S.A.


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Rent: $10/day-$40/week                                                                                          call: 206 860 5185 

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