I'm originally from Wales & London but live and work in Seattle. For the past 20 years I've written and produced music & sound  for bands, films, commercials, video games and more. Some folk know me from my work as the guitarist for Sky Cries Mary, Shriekback and countless other projects but I'm mostly a composer/producer & sound designer today.



Michael Cozzi    Owner/Composer/Producer/Sound 

Moscozzi Studio 1402 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122. tel: (206) 860 5185  e: michael@moscozzi.com 

Zach Mech   Studio Manager/Engineer/Sound 


Moscozzi Studio 1402 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122. tel: (206) 860 5185  e: michael@moscozzi.com 

Moscozzi Studio  -  Seattle, WA 98122. tel: (206) 860 5185  e: michael@moscozzi.com  MOSCOZZI STUDIO © 2013

Eric Oz    Producer/Engineer/Sound 

A graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle in audio production, Zach has been with us for over a year and has proven to be invaluable to the running of the studio.  Specializing in our sound and data manegement Zach helps in keeping the projects flowing by providing insant access to any sound from our large database.




Sara McCree   Intern - Assistant/Engineer 

Sara has recently joined Moscozzi Studios and is already showing to be a very useful member of the team.    



Austin Healy    Producer/Engineer/Sound 

With 20 years of sound engineering experience, Eric Oz has collaborated on countless music, postproduction and multimedia projects. From producing and directing talent, recording and editing, mixing, re-mixing, sound-design and mastering, Eric puts the message or voice first, with the utmost sensitivities to the creator’s unique vision.


With a client list that reads from A to Z, Eric has worked with the talents of Amon Tobin to Zakir Hussein, and many in between. Heart, The Lonely Forest, Michael Shrieve, Hugh Masekela, Weezer, Susana Bacca, ADR for HBO, surround sound mixing for SKY Networks, and music for FX Network’s “Sons of Anarchy” series, are but a few of the massive catalog of works Eric has contributed to.

Austin is a hard working and dedicated Sound Designer/Audio Engineer with six years of professional experience, is well versed in the responsibilities of creating a unique and entertaining audio experience, bringing to the table a professional demeanor and an easy going personality, backed with the knowledge and quality expected in the Film, Music and Gaming Industries. He takes tremendous pride in the work that he represents, continually strive to learn more and bring a positive hard working disposition to the work place.


Skills Summary:


Sound Design


Dialogue Editing



Pro Tools

Session Management

Data Management



Diverse Work-flows

Self Starter

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