Studio Build

This is a blog on the building of my reletively new recording studio.

Hopefully it will be of interest to some of you. It is a modest 1400 sq’

space but the challenge was that it is situated between two other

businesses that share a wooden floor therefore I needed to achieve

at least 65 db of noise reduction for it to work. A challenge indeed.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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Live Room Soffit  Apr 5th 2011


Starting on the live room soffit. This one is a challenge with all the odd angles.













West wall.














View of South and West wall.















East wall with the odd angles.














The tricky part.














John Fotheringham proudly pointing out his  great work.

























Live Room soffit done. Tomorrow the can lights go in.















The cans are in now we start on the lath finish.The tricky corner done.














Closer look.
























Control Room Window  Apr 7th 2011


Pretty much ready for the glass. The window size is 7’ 10"  x  3'  3 ¾. I am going to use 1 x 11/16ths “ laminate glass on the live room side and 1 x  9/16ths ” on the control room side. They are spaced about 9" apart at the bottom with about a 12 degree angle on both sides.










I used sound deadening board in the middle to bridge the gap between the two windows. I did a test and couldn’t detect any transmission of sound.
























Another view.














The glass will rest on two layers of glazing tape on the outside of the wood beading and I will secure the glass with another set of beading and more tape.
























The laminated glass arrived today. One pane weighs 175lbs and the other 250lbs.


Going to need some extra help to put these puppies in.


1st pane in. We lined the frame with two layers of glazing tape to decouple the glass from the frame a bit.










We put the thinner glass on the control room side so the thicker piece will be on the live room side. Theory being the thicker glass on the louder side. Problem is we need some extra muscle to help us lift it in. Any offers out there??












2nd pane of glass in. At 250lbs it needed 3 of us. Glad that is done. Thanks Bruce & John :)









 Live Room Ceiling   Apr 8th 2011


Although similar to the control room, the live room has more complicated angles to accommodate. Decided to treat it in two parts. First the rectangular part of the room then we worked on the angled part.










Another view.














Ceiling done. I might replace some of the ceiling tiles with some diffusers. I’ll get into this when it is time to tune the room.













Can lights finished. Really like how it washes the walls.










Live Room Booths  Apr 13th 2011


After using a chalk line to map out the shape of the booths we used 3 ½" strips of sound deadening board to act as a decoupling barrier between the studs and the walls, floor & ceiling.











Notice the two layers for the inner and outer walls.














Beginning of the framing. Planing on using french doors in this booth so we can roll a piano in and out.




























Notice the little line of sight window in the side wall.














One layer of sheet rock on the inner wall.















Starting on the floor in booth 1.














Both booths inner walls framed and sheet rocked. Outer wall frames done also.


Started on the isomax clips & hat channel for the two layers of sheet rock on the outer walls.











A little mod on the hat channel to accommodate a tight corner.















The tight corner. It also reduces the amount of clips needed.

























Metalwork done on the outer walls.














Just one more wall to do in booth 2.

























Insulation done. Again I used R30 paperless and split it down the middle to make R15.


It’s cheaper and accommodates the extra little gap between the walls.












Wall in booth 2 insulated.

























Starting on the 2 layers of sheet rock.














Notice I am placing the sheets on the foam matting. This will help decouple the walls from the floor as there is a common floor both inside and outside the booths.
























Starting on the soffit in booth 1.















First layer of sheet rock done. Used up a lot of the scraps hence the patchwork quilt look.













Second layer of sheet rock done and the first pass of mud & tape.














The lighting cans for the live room soffit.


























Booth 1 soffit frame done.














Booth 2 soffit frame done.














Booth 2 soffit cans & lath done.

























Karen came up with a much better idea for wire brushing the lath.


Sandwiched together 3 wire wheels. Mush easier and faster.












Booth 1 soffit and ceiling done.


























Booth 2 soffit and ceiling done.














Tomorrow we finish the floors and doors.


Doors more or less done. Just the trim work to do.












Booth 1 floor varnished.














Booth 1 trim done.










Live Room Floor  Apr 15th 2011


Same procedure as the control room floor.























Live room floor done.










Stairs  Apr 15th b 2011


Steps from the control room to the live room. Planing on doing something like this.










Frame done. I like the arch design but need to strengthen and support the arch.














Will support it with this.














Like this.














Covered the frame with ½" birch ply for a cleaner look.


I plan on securing the treads and landing from below. It’s a nicer look to have no top nails. Besids top nails always work loose over time.











Landing being glued together.















Woodwork done.














Going to look for some cool hand rails next. Also Booth 2 stairs done.









Piano Delivery  Apr 30th 2011


A bit of a milestone, the 7’ KAWAI piano is arriving today.

Been in storage for over 6 months. Karen is available to document the unloading.

Always love it when Karen can take the pics.









Was expecting more than 2 guys but here goes.













1st small hurdle.





















2nd larger one.




























I was a bit nervous that the steps might groan under the 900lb piano plus a 200lb bloke.












Here goes.








































Look at the ramp flex under the weight.













Straight into booth 2. I am going to keep it there while we finish up the live room.

























































Time to put the legs back on.
































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