Control Room: 20'x16'x11'

Monitors: Full 9.1.4 ATMOS Surround System (Adam speakers)

Converters: 48 channels of A/D - D/A, Latest versions of Pro Tools & Logic Pro. 

Mic Pres: 32 channels of API, Avalon, Neve Clones etc...

Computers: Mac Studio M1 Ultra 64 core 128GB RAM 4 TB, Macbook Pro M1 Max 30 core 64GB RAM 1 TB

Plugins: Waves, FabFilter, 


Live room: 20'x18'x14'

Camco LA era house kit, record ready, Various guitars, amps & pedals, 7' KAWAI piano.


Booth 1:  10'x8'x14'

All the wall panels are removable so you can easily control the amount of absorption.


Booth 2:  10'x7'x14'

All the wall panels are removable to control the amount of absorption.





      $500 whole day (10 hours)

      Longer term rentals are open to negotiation.


      This pricing does not include an engineer.


      50% of the studio rental fee is due upfront to secure booking.

      The rental fee is transferable to an alternate date, but non-refundable.




      $200 full day

      Please contact us about long-term engineer rates.


We are not a clock watching studio, we offer a free setup day.